Great customers/Lavender Truffles

Great customers/Lavender Truffles

Hi, this is Julie, Artisan Chocolatier!

For a long time, I’ve wanted a forum to spend more time ‘talking’ to our customers and sharing the great experience of owning Chocolate for the Spirit, working with some of the world’s best chocolate, and exploring all things chocolate with a group of like-minded people like yourself!

Great customers!

Our great customers appreciate the finer things in life and are looking for awesome indulges to satisfy their discriminating taste buds 🙂 Well, we share that quest!  Did you know that ‘some’ have been critical of us for using exquisite, superior (and yes, pricey) chocolate?  We’ve had chocolatiers tell us ‘customers don’t know the difference’.  Really!  Well, we know the difference and we think you do too (or you soon will once you taste the gorgeous chocolate we’ve chosen for ALL our creations.

Yes, even when we make suckers for the kiddies and darling little bunnies we use ‘the good stuff’!  What?  Children don’t deserve good chocolate? Well, we think they do so we give it to them 🙂

Lavender Truffles

At Chocolate for the Spirit we are fortunate to have beautiful gardens with lovely herbs (such as lavender) that we use for some of our chocolates.  Currently we’re enjoying the beautiful organic lavender growing in our gardens and sharing it with our customers in our Lavender Truffles. 

Lavender makes a lovely culinary herb, yet requires some special knowledge to use successfully and avoid a bitter “off” taste. Lavender pairs excellently with chocolate with its floral, sweet notes.  We love it with our 36% White Chocolate.

One way we use lavender is in our Lavender/Tahitian Vanilla Bean Truffles.  We pick the lavender early in the morning and let it air dry naturally.  Fresh cream is warmed and infused with the lavender and a Tahitian Vanilla Bean.  Poured over the white chocolate this cream/chocolate mixture becomes the creamy ganache center of our awesome Lavender Truffles.  What a great way to kickoff summer…get ’em while they last!


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